Saturday, 28 January 2017

January 2017 Book Haul!

I'm home for CNY! Happy Chinese New Year! Xin Nian Kuai Le! Gong Xi Gong Xi! :)

Okay, let's look at the books I bought on my second day in my hometown.


Most of them are non-fictions, except for one. 

Most of them are from Silverfish Books, except for one. 

Let's take a closer look at the books. 

Finished reading this in less than an hour, LOL. The story reminds me of Studio Ghibli's 'Spirited Away'. 

Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa in English Translation. 
I couldn't find the Malay version. 

As you can see, I am a fan of Farish Noor's works. 

I totally despise the cover of this 'Sejarah Melayu'! 

And on the next day, which is today, I went to Popular and bought another two books

I am interested in the history of China. Next on my list, to read books about  Mao Zedong and the Cultural Revolution

I'm not much of a 'poetry person'. Lang Leav's 'Lullabies' still lies on my bookshelf, unfinished and untouched for several years. But I'm going to give this a try, as this book was self-published by a Malaysian author, and we must support Malaysian authors right? :D

That's all for now, auf wiedersehen! 

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